When I lost my way…..


One late afternoon while I was driving to my favorite Village Inn to have some coffee and snacks, I missed a turn and kept going straight, couldn’t make a U turn so I turned left and kept driving. I reach Bay Shore, view the panorama of colors brightly lit in the sky, pristine waters gleaming in the last rays of the setting sun.
I could have pulled over and stopped somewhere and took out the GPS, fixed it and could’ve just let it navigate me. But, something in me didn’t want me to stop. For once, I let go off the inhibitions, innumerable worries, plans in my brain and was very calm, living in the moment, enjoying the drive, though feeling lost…..deep within I was finding my way. The ‘best in me ‘is yet to be discovered. The best of my paintings are yet to be painted; the best of my writings are yet to be written. I am yet to find love. I am yet to design and build my home. I am yet to travel and explore many places in the world. I am yet to unravel the beautiful universe within me. I stopped living the life of stereotypes a long time ago. Since then, I felt lost.

Now, when I have actually lost my way in the literal sense of the word I am finding my way. Letting go off people, perceptions, and worries and making peace with my unique path carved out by myself I bow to the beacon of knowledge, courage and sometimes rage to challenge that has brought me to where I am today. In the midst of chaos, ever changing world, my love for life, inexhaustible interest to learn and zeal has kept me alive and keeps me going. I know I’ll find my way. Being lost for a while is like a pause in the journey, to revisit the blueprint of life, to question oneself, to be brave, to be calm, to relax, rejuvenate and smile no matter what.


After driving aimlessly for a while, getting on to the highway and taking the exit I arrived at Village Inn. Over cups of coffee, a plate of country potato wedges and hash browns I am writing this note which will go in to my journal. As John Muir has said – “In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.” On my drive I lost my way and found myself amidst nature, took on the splendid view of the horizon, became a spectator to the nature’s drama of the light rays playing on the waves, cloud formations with the resplendent silver linings and spectacular hues of sunset splashed on the canvas of the sky. Mother Nature’s gift of visual treat and ever changing moments of extravaganza fills my soul with pure joy and delight beyond words.


3 thoughts on “When I lost my way…..

  1. I can understand the feeling of being lost. We all at one time or another think we are lost…but are we really lost….or is it the path that will take us to our next step in life. Your writings are so enlighting and help keep me on a positive path., Cee

  2. Lovely One….Its just truly speaking from the heart….and last stanza summarises everything….Good to be lost and finding what interests us on the go…which you cant get when it is planned…having a cup of coffee or snacks which you can get anytime anywhere but the emotion that you get or touched during the journey of lost would be memorable like this blog….

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